Why i hate rotators?
Rotators sucks because you can't choose the links you click on
A lot of faucets are always empty
You can't see rewards

Best Bitcoin faucet List
(No more faucet here, hosting24.com is afraid of bitcoin)

Name Rewards per claim * Claim every Payment
YourBTC 100 Satoshis 5 mins Faucetbox
Getyourbitcoin 200 Satoshis + daily bonus 5 mins Faucetbox
Bittyme 253-1500 30 mins Faucetbox
Private Faucet: Knolix 480-600k/hour Variable Faucetbox
Bitblabber 500 + post your ref link 12 h Faucetbox

* Some Faucets adjust the rewards depending on your country

More faucets soon List

Rewards per claim * Claim every
td2 200 15 mins
r2 r2 r2
r3 r3 r3

Why i use goo.gl links?
It's only to track statistics